A Major Provider of VoIP Phone Systems

As an authorized VoIP Toshiba dealer, Commworld of Tucson offers you the best value in VoIP phone systems. Is VoIP the best solution for your organization?  Ask us. Since we offer both VoIP and Digital phone system solutions, we can give you an honest answer.

Voice over Internet Protocal (VoIP) phone systems are an attractive, feature-rich solution for organizations when properly installed and programmed.

Simply put, VoIP phone systems convert “voice” into digital data. That data goes over your Internet connection and gets converted back to voice on the other end.

Commworld of Tucson’s Toshiba Systems are backed by a parts and labor warranty that can save you thousands of dollars.

VoIP Benefits Can Include:

  • More efficient use of available Internet bandwidth
  • Advanced features on each phone
  • Savings on long distance costs
  • Savings on monthly billing from your Internet service provider
  • Leasing options that reduce up-front costs
  • Fixed monthly payments

Avoid VoIP Pitfalls with CommWorld of Tucson

Some VoIP systems are installed and or programmed improperly. As a result, serious problems can occur, including:

  • Poor voice quality
  • Split-second delay in voice connection/relay
  • Incorrect caller id on outgoing calls
  • Complete system failure during power outages
  • Security systems fail to report security breaches and break-ins
  • Fax machines don’t work
  • 911 calls cannot be made properly
  • Directory assistance not provided

When it comes to your computer network, Internet access and phone system, your success really is on the line. So call Commworld of Tucson today.

Because Success is on the Line