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Toshiba Phone SystemToshiba’s VoIP-enabled telephone systems offer you hear-a-pin drop digital sound quality, outstanding features and value without having to rewire your office or share a data cable on your already stressed network!

Here’s how!

VoIP Phone Systems require Internet service cabling be provided at every desk and location. Our VoIP-Enabled systems allow you to enjoy full-featured phones using your existing wiring. Guaranteed!

“Hear-a-Pin-Drop” Voice Quality using your current wiring. Guaranteed!
We guarantee your existing telephone cabling will run your new IP-enabled, digital Toshiba Communications system or we’ll run new cabling to each Phone, as needed, at no additional charge.

New Construction — Commercial & Residential
If you plan to move into new space, that’s the best time to make sure your voice and data wiring and equipment needs are met. We give you the information you need plan the IT wiring and equipment you need for your new office or custom home.

Our experience and performance wiring your new space is unequaled in Tucson. If you want the project done right, on time, we are the locally-owned company to call!

Commercial Space Build-Outs May Not Include Voice/Data Cabling
If you’re moving into new space, don’t assume your landlord has included voice and data cabling in your build-out. You often may be responsible for your own data and cabling build-out.

If you’re not sure what’s included in your build-out, ask us! We’re highly experienced in working with contractors, subcontractors, and IT persons involved in commercial build-outs.

Have an Emergency Project?
Do you need us to start right now? No problem! We specialize in making even emergency projects easy. Call us!

Get the Highest Quality Voice Service
Clear connections are important to you and your customers. When you invest in a Toshiba phone system through Commworld of Tucson, we guarantee you the highest quality voice service.

You’ll also get the most durable system available. Our Toshiba systems typically have a 10-15 year life, maximing the value of your telecommunication investment.

You’ll get a Toshiba communications system customized and programmed to meet your needs. In fact, we’ll surpass your expectations.

The Best Warranty in the Business
Because we’re an authorized Toshiba dealer in Tucson, you can choose the parts and labor warranty that works best you, up to seven years of coverage.

You also get our guarantee that we’ll install and test certified data wiring for your phone system and/or computer network.

Your Success Is on the Line
We make it easy for you to get your project completed. Making you very happy is our goal!

You may find other options, but Commworld of Tucson techs are the finest in Tucson, committed to providing you with the best.

Call Commworld of Tucson.

Because your success in on the line.

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